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Various "Temporary Insanity - A Salute to Deliverance" (Roxx Records)

Image of Various "Temporary Insanity - A Salute to Deliverance" (Roxx Records)


2 CDs

Disc 1:
Deliverance - Flesh and Blood (25th Anniversary Recording)
Deliverance - In U (25th Anniversary Recording)
Oil - Attack
Applehead/Fasedown - Belltown
Lambs Among Wolves - Greetings of Death
Stricken - No Time
FaseUltified - What a Joke
Grave Robber - Awake
Ghostemple - If We Faint Not
Faith Factor - Weapons of Our Warfare
Whisper from Heaven - Anymore
Venia - Desperate Cries
Days of Affliction - River Disturbance
Grave Forsaken - Bought by Blood
Eternal Decision - Belltown

Disc 2:
Deliverance - Hunger and the Thirst (Previously Unreleased)
Oil - Screaming
The Sacrificed - Slay the Wicked
Coriolis - What a Joke
Krig - Weapons of Our Warfare
Leper - The Call
Unforsaken - Stay of Execution
Crucible Divine - Ramming Speed
Walk On Water - Learn
Visions of Reality - Blood of the Covenant
Saint Spirit - Prophet of Idiocy
Bloodpaid - Words to the...
Bi-Polar Echo - The Call
Incarnate - Victory
Pastor Brad - A Space Called You

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